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Do apprentices hold the key to solving your staffing challenges?

Finding the perfect candidate has never been easy, but now skill supply is driving demand to record highs a change of tack might be needed.

With prospective candidates in the driver’s seat, employers are waiting anything up to nine months to fill some vacancies, with every day that position stays empty being a cost to the company.

Degree-level apprenticeships are one of the ways employers can fill roles and effectively grow their own talent for hard-to-find skillsets.

However financial and time-related barriers stand in the way for many employers, and there are still many misconceptions about who can take an apprenticeship and what they do.

Balancing these challenges against the cost of having vacant roles for several months and then risking low retention issues, could the effort put into running an apprenticeship be a more viable option to plug these gaps?

This webinar will explore:

• The challenges of running an apprenticeship scheme and how to overcome them
• How apprenticeships can be used as a powerful retention tool
• What HR needs to tackle apprenticeship stigma

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