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HR Most Influential Podcast 3.3: Siding Against Stress with Rachel Lewis

Renowned occupational psychologist and professor Rachel Lewis joins the podcast to examine how HR leaders can take the initiative against stress.

The UK is in the grip of a mental health crisis.

Some 20-30% of UK working adults are showing signs of emotional exhaustion, and burnout has been stuck firmly on HR's agenda for the past four years.

While HR is well adapted to support employees' mental wellbeing – does the responsibility really lie fully on HR?

In the latest episode of the HR Most Influential Podcast, Rachel Lewis, multi-award winning occupational psychologist and programme director at Birckbeck, University of London, sits down with former HR magazine editor Jo Gallacher to explore the suffocating world of stress.

In the podcast, they explore: 

  • Why every part of an organisation has a role to play in mental wellbeing
  • How a preventative approach can boost wellbeing policies' ROI by 14%
  • How to diagnose and treat wellbeing issues in your organisation

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