HR needs a summer holiday

School’s out and every B&B on the coast is booked up until mid-September. Summer is here and with it the changing of the lockdown guard: this time a lack of social distancing guidelines and removing...

Employees take four mental health days a year

?Workers are taking an average of four mental health days a year but tell employers they are for physical ailments, according to research

Burnout a risk for employees in Summer

?Increased workloads while colleagues are on holiday and busy social schedules are leading to high stress levels over the Summer, according to Westfield Health

Stress undermining job quality

Over-work, stress and poor work/life balance are undermining attempts to improve job quality in the UK, according to research from the CIPD

Half have spotted signs of stress among colleagues

As the World Health Organisation classifies 'burnout' as a chronic condition, research finds that stress is having a significant impact on UK workplaces

Employees face many financial wellbeing barriers

A panel at the Delivering Financial Wellbeing in the Workplace: What Works? conference discussed the many challenges to implementing financial wellbeing at work

Young people unaware of their workplace rights

?Young workers are not only unaware of the rights they hold in the workplace but are less likely to belong to a trade union, according to research

Disability discrimination claims soar

The number of disability discrimination claims at employment tribunals has risen 37% in the past year, according to law firm Fox & Partners

Technology increasing stress at work

Almost a third of UK employees (32%) feel that workplace technology increases job stress, research from Willis Towers Watson has revealed

UK’s long-hours working culture worst in EU

Employees in the UK are working longer hours but are less productive than their European counterparts, according to the TUC

HR not confident on financial wellbeing

While noting a rise in financial wellbeing issues among employees, HR professionals don't feel confident about how to tackle this

Stress-related absence surge caused by poor management

?More training is needed to help managers better support staff wellbeing, research has found