Employees prefer to communicate via video calls

Video calling has become the go-to method for conducting meetings during lockdown, but new research by HR magazine finds employees want to continue communicating via video post-pandemic.

Internal comms terminology divides the workforce

Many moons ago the terms “white collar” and “blue collar” were commonly used. But this blatant divide between office and manual workers created a negativity which saw many consider blue collar workers...

UK employees feel silenced and ignored by employers

One in three employees in the UK would rather quit their jobs than voice their concerns at work.

Are leaders equipped to manage a hybrid workforce?

In this brave new hybrid world, do we need to completely rethink our approach to leadership development, and the skills needed to be a great remote leader? 

Only half of employees think they are fairly paid

?Only half (51%) of permanent employees think they are paid fairly, a report from the CIPD finds

Workers struggling to be creative and 'think on their feet'

Many feel the ability to improvise would improve their performance at work but don't think their employer's culture supports creativity

Top employers involve managers in workforce planning

Involving managers in the workforce planning process is a hallmark of high-performing organisations, according to Top Employers Institute data