Government organisations to have access to a diversity monitor to help them understand ethnic group needs


Experian Public Sector has launched a diversity monitor to provide government organisations with a more detailed understanding of ethnicity among citizens and public-sector employees.

It is hoped use of the tool will help the public-sector enhance the quality of services provided and strengthen community relations.

Using the software, organisations in the public sector can gain a deeper understanding of the needs of people to ensure they are offering services to suit their requirements.

For example, local government organisations will be able to identify which minority groups are most likely to visit an accident and emergency department rather than a GP or those most likely to miss a hospital appointment. The insight also means organisations can ensure the people they employ is an accurate reflection of the population they serve. 

The software is underpinned by Experian's Mosaic Origins, which classifies individuals by their place of birth, language, culture and community and identifies their location in UK neighbourhoods in the UK. By matching the first and second names of citizens to a large database of names, Diversity Monitor then matches the ethnic origin type of each individual into one of 200 categories.

Bruno Rost of Experian said: "Analysis of citizens' names will provide a more cost-effective source of insight than traditional self-completion questionnaires and help local government improve both the services offered to citizens and the effectiveness of diversity policies. Service providers will also be able to better understand the needs, languages and backgrounds of ethnic groups and understand how best to communicate and tailor services for them."