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Virgin Media aims to become a talent academy for the media and communications sector

Virgin Media has launched a scheme to turn its business into a 'talent academy' in a bid to set a standard within the media and telecommunications industry.

The company is working with leadership consultancy The Thinking Partnership to develop leaders of the future and give it a commercial competitive advantage. Virgin Media plans to make the company a place where employees can use their character strengths, both personally and professionally, to fully engage with the organisation.

The approach will nurture employees as individuals to apply their individual qualities to the Virgin brand

Elisa Nardi, chief people officer at Virgin Media, said: "Our goal is to make Virgin Media a successful customer-centric business that can also be an ‘employer of choice'.

"The very best leaders need to work in a place where they can express themselves and use their skills and character strengths to their fullest potential. We are confident that investing in our people will not only strengthen them as leaders and grow our business, but will result in our competitors looking to Virgin Media as the place to poach talent. We're happy if others naturally look to us to provide that pipeline - not that we think people will want to leave."