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Where do you draw the line with social media screening?

If there’s anything high-profile media storms have taught us, it’s that brand is everything. Organisations like Google, BrewDog and Goldman Sachs know all too well how much social media can fuel this fire, but are people as savvy when it comes to their personal brand?

With the line between personal and professional so often blurred on these sites though, where should employers draw the line when screening through social media? 

This webinar, in partnership with HireRight, will explore the use of social media as part of recruitment screening, by asking: 

• How to avoid bias and be ethical with social media screening  
• What to look for on candidates’ social media 
• What to do when you find something negative on a candidate’s account 

Take part in this HR Lunchtime Debate live on Tuesday 14 June at 12:30pm by signing up here – if you’re not free at the time, remember all our webinars are available on demand so you can catch up at time to suit you.