Hr leaders

Three ways HR leaders can shape today’s workplace

Culture is the soul of the organisation, and it’s up to HR leaders to facilitate, coach, and preserve it.


A trust expert's advice on building a resilient culture

Rachel Botsman, trust expert, author and lecturer at Oxford University, thinks organisations that create cultures driven by humility and trust are the most successful.

Absentee leadership is rife – but how can HR detect it?

There is no shortage of news about business leaders whose destructive behaviour led to epic business collapse. These stories are consistent with the scientific evidence that leaders who are erratic,...

Do boards need people people?

People issues are the central challenge of our time. As the 2021 AGM season comes to a close, some of the same issues continue to dominate, such as boardroom pay and lack of diversity, but this year...

HR in the boardroom: four tips for maximising HR’s business impact

While the power of HR has undoubtedly been pushed to the fore over the past year, many HR professionals often fall short in delivering the effective support and competitive advantages needed to drive...

Public sector HR struggling with digital change

Half (50%) of HR leaders in the public sector feel unable to drive digital transformation, according to research from the Public Services People Managers Association (PPMA) and MHR

The 'new normal' environment is no place for leaders who want to play it safe

The current economic difficulties have backed many CEOs into a corner where they are forced to focus almost exclusively on the numbers and nothing else. But is just an easy and convenient excuse for...