Best of HR books: April 2024

We delve into the latest book releases to find out what HR has been reading.

HR Most Influential Podcast 3.4: 'Don't Let DEI Die' with Woosh Raza

People, culture and inclusion director for the National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) joins the podcast to discuss how HR can protect the important mission of diversity, equity and...

Ten steps to prioritise D&I

The diversity and inclusion (D&I) clinic is a space for HR professionals to anonymously air their challenging D&I questions. Camila Williams-Johnson tackles how to keep D&I at the top of business’...

New disability guidance for managers

The government has jointly published its updated Disability Confident guide, to help managers support disabled people at work.

Flexible working request clashes with reasonable adjustments in tribunal

An employment tribunal has ruled that a Scottish government employee, whose flexible working request was denied, is classed as disabled under the Equality Act due to anxiety and fear of crowded...

What it takes to be a neurodiverse leader

How can organisations support neurodiverse people into leadership roles?

Are DEI initiatives driven by fear of doing the wrong thing? HR responds

Employers use diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) initiatives to avoid doing the wrong thing, according to a report that was commissioned by the government and published last week (20 March).

Four tips on LGBTQ+ inclusion from Stonewall London Workplace Conference

The HR magazine team went to Stonewall's London Workplace Conference last Friday (22 March). Here's our round-up of what you may have missed.

Half of neurodivergent employees miss work due to lack of support, report finds

Half of neurodivergent employees have taken time off work due to their neurodivergence, City & Guilds’ annual Neurodiversity Index found. This increased 5% from last year.

Digital tools cause intergenerational conflict at work, research suggests

Digital communication tools are causing conflicts between different generations at work, according to research from digital transformation provider the Adaptavist Group.

The importance of HR initiatives in supporting women in leadership 

Less than a third of leadership positions are held by women, LinkedIn data suggests. According to the World Economic Forum, it will take around 140 years to close that gap completely.  

Combating microaggressions: how C-suite leadership can foster inclusion

When it comes to the workplace, employers should be aware that building the principles of diversity, equity and inclusion contributes to employees’ sense of belonging within the organisation....