Inclusion could benefit from good relationship habits

One of the key challenges to diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) strategic initiatives is making lasting change that “sticks”.

Should your staff work in the metaverse?

The metaverse has the potential to revolutionise working practices and allow us to collaborate in ways we never imagined before.

Using a Diversity Dictionary to overcome fear of saying the wrong thing

The benefits of a business with people from different backgrounds are clear. Not only does it bring diversity of thought and allow people to learn from different experiences, but it can also help...

How compassionate is your company?

This week is National Grief Awareness Week, an important time to reflect and open up the conversation around grief, so we can support friends, family, or colleagues who may be experiencing it. But...

A psychological contract could be the most useful tool for D&I

When it comes to diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging (DEI) in the workplace, employers need to get under the skin of their employees’ needs and establish what works on an individual basis.

How HR can best support victims of domestic abuse  

The men's England football team kicked off their Qatar World Cup campaign with a thrilling win over Iran this week. While HR departments up and down the country are considering flexible working and...


REC warns of issues with digital right to work checks

The chief executive of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC) Neil Carberry, has warned UK immigration minister Robert Jenrick of issues with new digital right to work checks.

Christmas parties: social media, sexual harassment and the right not to attend 

The annual Christmas party is a tradition that has endured in the UK, despite disruption and societal change in recent years. It is worth employers reminding themselves of the pitfalls of an...

Should HRDs call time on workplace booze culture?

Women in the armed forces have been threatened with disciplinary action and told to stop “sleeping around” after they reported sexual abuse according to a recent investigation by The Times.

Workplace transformations are great opportunities but not without risk

New work models are reshaping how organisations approach risk. Done well, sustainable competitive advantage can be achieved.

The important role of HR as an instiller of joy

The role of HR is the most critical role in organisations today. While people leadership and management are a shared responsibility with peers, the main custodian of the people agenda, the translation...

Flexible organisational models key for future of work

Companies should embrace the idea of using more than one organisational model as workplaces evolve in the future.