Gloria Moss

Lessons from John Lewis: a quality product needs quality people

The John Lewis Partnership hit the headlines this week with the news that Dame Sharon White, the chair, would not be seeking a second term. This makes her term as chair the shortest in John Lewis’s...


New managerialism is reducing motivation

As we know, people leave managers, not companies, so, you would expect organisations in 2020 to have perfected the art of management


Is Boris Johnson's leadership style inclusive?

Whatever their political stance, organisations can potentially learn from Boris Johnson's behaviour since becoming prime minister


Shedding new light on inclusive leadership

This leadership style can boost employee productivity, motivation and mental wellbeing, and some of the best examples are in fact found at British organisations


Theresa May's leadership under the microscope

In a day full of drama, the 1922 Committee of the Conservative party voted by 200 to 117 against a no-confidence vote in Theresa May


Cambridge Analytica: Learnings on customer-centric traits

Aside from the more widely debated ethical issues, Cambridge Analytica also highlights questions of personality testing for customer-centricity


Putting marketing diversity on the map

New research outlines the strategic benefits of employing men or women in decision-making roles.


How failure drives success

Remember the mantra “right first time”? Philip Crosby was the man behind the philosophy of “zero defects”, a phrase popularised in his 1979 book Quality is Free.


Is nepotism ever a good thing?

Many of you will have seen the photo of the new French Cabinet. It includes the new environment minister Ségolène Royal, who happens to be President Hollande’s ex-partner and mother of his four...


Farage should leave things to the HR experts

If Nigel Farage had his way, China’s one-child policy would look positively benign. In a speech he gave in London earlier this week, he said that only women who reject motherhood completely have any...