Hot topic: Do cultural rehabilitations require a fall guy? Part one

Former head of the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Toby Danker, said he had been wrongly associated with the wider scandal at CBI about the treatment of female employees, claiming he was made...

How and why to become a B Corp

Most companies don’t just exist for the sake of it. Large or small, they have a strong mission, and for many companies that mission involves a wider impact on society, not just profit.

Workplace culture: values matter

A healthy workplace culture benefits not only an organisations’ reputation and employees’ wellbeing and productivity, but also recruitment and retention.

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Brewdog founder writes open letter to 'haters' after making it onto the Best Places to Work 2023 list

James Watt, CEO and co-founder of Brewdog, published an open letter to the brewery’s ‘haters’ after the company was named on The Sunday Times Best Places to Work 2023 list. 

HR must break the IVF taboo

Many employees worry that disclosing their fertility journey to their employers will negatively affect their careers, according to founder of The IVF Network Charlotte Gentry.

Retained EU Law repeals are simply an administrative clear-up

The government's intention to repeal some employment law provisions as part of the Retained EU Law Bill has caused a stir among employment lawyers and HR professionals but the reality is, for the...

Why humility is key to achieving your 2023 goals

Much like the start of the year, a new quarter can often be a time for optimism and reflection. It offers business leaders the opportunity to look back at their organisation’s progress in the previous...

Employees with invisible disabilities left to source workplace support alone

More than two thirds (67%) of employees with invisible disabilities say they have to source support and reasonable adjustments at work alone.

HR professionals should lead the way in creating a more inclusive workforce

Fewer than two-thirds of young people from lower socioeconomic backgrounds think a satisfying job is open to everyone if they work hard enough.

HR Most Influential Podcast: Putting the ‘S’ in ESG with Neil Morrison

The HR Most Influential Podcast has gone live with an interview with Neil Morrison, director of HR at Severn Trent and two-time HR Most Influential Practitioner.

Workplace conflict costs the UK £28.5 billion a year

More than one in three workers experience conflict at work at a cost of £28.5 billion per year in the UK, according to research by advisory group ReWAGE.

Co-op introduces flexible compassionate leave

Co-op, the consumer co-operative, has launched a new compassionate leave policy offering more flexibility and paid leave.