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Cyber bullying in the workplace during remote working

Cyber bullying is expected to be a growing issue as a result of so many employees now working from home and the increased use of technology to communicate with colleagues.

Is HS2 on the right track for the UK job market?

Our cover story this month looks at how HS2 is shaping the job market

Apprenticeships already feeling impact of reduced funding

Half of apprenticeship training programmes could downsize, mothball or shut down completely due to lack of financial support for the Department for Education

How HR can support an organisation when its leader is absent

Following news that prime minister Boris Johnson was rushed into intensive care last week, we look at how organisations cope when their leader is absent

A toast to the most convivial at Pernod Ricard

The drinks within Pernod Ricard’s portfolio have been a fundamental part of sharing happy moments together for years.

COVID-19: The critical questions that all HR departments must ask

In times of unprecedented crisis, business leaders often fall into the trap of jumping straight into ‘troubleshoot’ mode rather than ‘assess and analyse’.

Why employers need to reconsider autism in the workplace

There aren’t any definitive or undisputed statistics that can tell us what percentage of the UK population has been identified with Autism.

Thousands of apprenticeships at risk due to lack of government funding

Thousands of apprentices across England may be unable to start or complete their programme due to a lack of payment to training providers.

Remote working putting strain on workers’ personal relationships

A survey of 3,800 people in the UK has found self-isolation is affecting personal relationships while remote working

International Case Study: GfK SE revamps learning platform

GfK revamped an unsuccessful learning platform by making it simpler to use, introducing bite-sized information, and involving employees in co-creating content

Three tips for negotiating

There are three key things to remember when entering into any kind of negotiation

One million young workers will leave London before turning 33

The number of young workers leaving London is on the rise, according to Totaljobs research

Learning and development