Appraisals – common pitfalls and challenges

We have all had that feeling around appraisal season. Everything seems fine so why waste time when we have work to get on with?

Cummings’ evidence offers a lesson for more effective feedback

Prime Minister "not fit for office"; Hancock "should have been fired"; the government "failed"… as an example of excoriating employer feedback, Dominic Cummings’ evidence before MPs on Wednesday was...

Why employee feedback does not have to be cumbersome: LondonEnergy case study

This story is about something very concrete. It is about how HR teams can be innovative, even in the utility sector, and it will give you a concrete example of what can be achieved when we understand...

Three steps to end the gender divide in job feedback

Gender bias is alive and well within workplace feedback systems – and successive data continues to prove it

Half of employees dread or indifferent to appraisals

Almost half of all UK employees (49%) are either indifferent to or dread their performance reviews, according to research from Cezanne HR

Overcoming occupational stereotypes and segregation

The preconceptions we have about certain jobs and gender and race combine to shut people out of occupations or promotions

Managers failing on the basics of successful one to ones

HR must train and support managers to hold effective meetings with their reports, or risk employees feeling devalued and disengaged

How to run 360-degree feedback in appraisals

There are benefits to incorporating multiple-perspective data into the standard appraisal process

The good, the bad and the indifferent

Are continuous performance conversations actually better than performance reviews? Comparing performance under the two approaches is not a like-for-like exercise

ForViva: Building future-focused PDRs

ForViva’s old performance development review (PDR) process was outdated and time consuming, so it was overhauled

Reviewing the annual performance review

Between the increasing adoption of agile processes and technological advances, our workforce wants and needs more frequent feedback

Cappelli: No one-size-fits-all approach to performance management

Organisations should consider rolling out different systems for different parts of their workforce or for different countries