Government scraps traineeships for young people

The government is set to scrap its pre-employment traineeship programmes for young people in 2023 due to low numbers of participants.

12 months of 2022: February

As we reach the end of the year, our 12 Days of Christmas countdown revisits each month's most notable happenings.

How compassionate is your company?

This week is National Grief Awareness Week, an important time to reflect and open up the conversation around grief, so we can support friends, family, or colleagues who may be experiencing it. But...

L&D programmes hampered by lack of resources

Learning and development (L&D) is a major business priority for companies, however cost and lack of resources is holding it back, according to a new report.

Most apprenticeship dropouts in England blame poor quality programmes

Nearly half (47%) of all apprentices in England dropped out of their training in 2021, with a majority citing ‘poor quality’ as the reason behind their failure to complete.

Administrative reputation holding HR back

HR needs a rebrand as a new study from Sage has revealed a majority (60%) of business leaders think HR is an administrative role.

How HR can best support employees facing divorce during the cost of living crisis

As the cost-of-living crisis escalates with rising inflation at a 40-year high and more energy price cap increases set for spring, UK family law firms are reporting the highest ever recorded number of...

Flexible organisational models key for future of work

Companies should embrace the idea of using more than one organisational model as workplaces evolve in the future.

Businesses investing heavily in ineffective training

Almost all (99%) employees have seen a training plan that was ineffective or that failed to deliver on objectives in the last five years, according to new research from City & Guilds.

Employee volunteering worth billions to charity

Employees volunteering for one hour per week could generate up to £17 billion for UK charities, according to research from Pilotlight.

Patagonia: driving purpose with the Earth University

‘Why is our company in business?’ and ‘What can our people do to support that purpose?’ If two questions have followed me during my 20-plus-year career as an HR professional, they are these.

HR profession grew four-times faster than UK workforce in past decade

The HR profession has grown by 42% in the past decade (from 2011 and 2021) compared to just 10% for the general workforce according to the CIPD’s latest UK people profession update.