Line managers stop employees speaking up, study finds

When employees see something not right or not working, one in six (17%) think their line manager stops them from speaking up, according to a new study.

How to ensure day-one success when completing public to private deals

Being told a company is being taken private can be a stressful and unsettling experience for impacted employees, who will have a lot of questions: ‘Will I be made redundant? What if I don’t like the...

Remote working causes communication gap between managers and employees

A lack of communication is impacting remote workers' progression and managers’ understanding of their team's challenges, a new study has found.

Why the internal communications function is essential to retaining talent

Business priorities have evolved frequently and rapidly over the past few decades. However, this has proved even more tangible in the last five years, with the Covid-19 pandemic acting as a...

How reducing meetings increases employee autonomy

Meetings are hindering, not helping, your employees.

What should HR do in a communications crisis?

When events threaten to engulf an organisation in bad PR, such as with Prince Harry’s Spare, it can be hard for HR to know what to do to minimise damage.

Should your staff work in the metaverse?

The metaverse has the potential to revolutionise working practices and allow us to collaborate in ways we never imagined before.

Forgetting Facebook: how Dishoom rebuilt internal comms

Restaurant chain Dishoom used the pandemic as an opportunity to bring employees together despite business grounding to a halt, finds Nosa Omoigui

The power of humour at work

We’re a nation in mourning, united by events which affect all of us, no matter what our politics or allegiances. Such events affect teams in organisations in a wide variety of ways, providing a leader...

Employer podcasts preferred over company-wide emails

Podcasts could be the answer to email fatigue as around half (47%) of employees said they would rather listen to one that receive a company-wide email.

Why the increased demand for conflict resolution services?

Numerous factors are contributing to significant increases in demand by organisations for conflict resolution services, particularly mediation. Worryingly, organisations are also experiencing an...

How should you talk to employees about the cost-of-living crisis?

With soaring energy costs and high inflation making headlines in 2022, employees’ finances have never been so tight, and this is having a direct impact on employee wellbeing. T