Entrepreneurship education boosts social mobility, and not just for startup founders 

Having a great idea for a product or service is seldom enough to become a successful entrepreneur. It is often a key component, but there are many other skills required.  

HR responds to COVID-19: Hertfordshire County Council

The ‘human touch’ has been fundamental to helping employees at Hertfordshire County Council respond to coronavirus.

Case study: Superdrug's Everyone Matters D&I strategy

Superdrug has worked hard over the past 18 months to become a more diverse and inclusive workplace, with plenty of positive results

Four ways to strategically focus on employee wellbeing

At the CIPD Annual Conference and Exhibition speakers throughout day one explained how they are focusing on employee wellbeing in a values-driven strategic way

Global case study: Vodafone's comms strategy

Vodafone wanted to make its internal communications two-way, less siloed, and more accessible for all employees. On top of this it needed to be at a global level too

Creating an open, inclusive and expressive workforce

The future workforce must be an equal one, considering the needs and experiences of all its people

WhatsApp in the workplace

Using WhatsApp for work can bring both advantages and disadvantages, so employers must stay on top of who is using it, when and why

Legal lowdown: Who owns LinkedIn contacts?

What employers can do when an employee leaves the business with a valuable list of connections on a personal LinkedIn account

Focus more on intersectionality, organisations told

A panel at EUROUT conference spoke of the need to think about the person as a whole and about the challenges and opportunities of setting diversity and inclusion targets

The benefits of choirs for team building

Singing as an alternative team-building exercise offers several benefits

The power of networking

Building a professional network is easier for some than others. Organisations can give a helping hand