Human capital

What's the evidence for... emotional intelligence?

Evidence-based HR isn't about stealing anyone's thunder, it's about making the profession more effective

What's the evidence for... neuro-linguistic programming?

Sometimes HR professionals need to ask themselves why they use a particular process. Rob Briner examines the evidence behind NLP

Why boards need a head of human governance

Is the HRD no longer enough? Do boards need a head of human governance?

Dave Ulrich: The market value of leadership

Dave Ulrich explains why he thinks it's time to bring HR and investors together

HCM: From risk-mitigating to value-adding

Should human capital be seen as a risk or a value factor when assessing companies?

The metrics that matter to investors

Investors are becoming increasingly interested in human capital metrics. Here's some ideas of where to start

People must be valued as a corporate metric

When people are valued as a corporate metric, it places HR in a stronger position

Why investors are thinking about human capital

The investment community is waking up to the value people bring to business, but HCM reporting remains a challenge

Why data is all about the people

WDS chief people officer David Bowes on why HR data is all about the people

People reporting: What to cover

Any move towards integrated reporting means HR needs to get on board with corporate reports

Poor people management costing UK companies £84 billion

Poor people management is costing UK companies £84 billion a year, according to research from Investors in People and economic research consultancy TBR.

HR’s strategic input remains poorly acknowledged

More than three-quarters (76%) of HR professionals believe HR’s strategic input is poorly acknowledged, according to research from software provider Cascade HR.

Human capital