12 months of 2022: October

As we reach the end of the year, our 12 Days of Christmas countdown revisits each month's most notable happenings.

Reporting obligations removed for 40,000 businesses

The UK government has announced future plans to remove reporting requirements for businesses with fewer than 500 employees.

Hot topic: Businesses using palm oil

A report published by the WWF listed the British businesses failing to meet commitments to only sell products containing palm oil from ‘sustainable’ sources

Legal requirement to report gender pay gap suspended

The UK government has introduced a year-long suspension of gender pay gap reporting to ease the already increased burden of duties for organisations during the Coronavirus pandemic

Is HR a hypocrite when it comes to D&I?

With CIPD data showing the HR profession is overwhelmingly female, white and straight, is HR itself walking the talk on diversity and inclusion?

The line between marketing and research has blurred

?We seem to be having a problem with truth in much of the Western world, and that includes HR

Keeping momentum with gender pay gap reporting

Gender pay gap (GPG) reporting has shone a much-needed spotlight on workplace inequality. However, last year only half of employers improved their GPG and 39% reported a worse gap

FRC reviews Corporate Governance Code compliance

A Financial Reporting Council (FRC) report finds companies struggling to define their purpose

How to build a people analytics team

Getting the make-up of a people analytics team right is key to it solving business issues

Government Equalities Office: Gender pay gap starts from "depressingly” young age

?With gender pay gap reporting now on most organisations’ radars employers must do more to understand the causes behind their gap

Only half of employees think they are fairly paid

?Only half (51%) of permanent employees think they are paid fairly, a report from the CIPD finds

FTSE 350 lagging behind on women in senior leadership

?Half of all senior leadership roles in FTSE 350 companies must go to women in 2020 if the Hampton-Alexander Review’s targets are to be met