Rob Briner

Evidence-based HR: How much progress have we really made?

What were you doing in 1999? Not yet born? Still at school? Worrying about the Y2K Bug? Planning your Millennium Eve party?


What do people mean when they call HR soft and fluffy?

This perennial accusation is paradoxically a pretty vague one, and has multiple meanings


Do personality-typing tools have a place in HR?

The practical value of personality-typing tools depends entirely on the extent to which they are valid measures of personality


What's been happening to evidence-based practice?

On a scale of zero (absolutely nothing) to 10 (HR has been revolutionised), I’d give it a three


What's the evidence for... absence management?

When it comes to managing absence data isn't enough. We also need to know why people are absent


What's the evidence for... goal setting?

In January many of us set personal goals. For once Rob Briner is on board with doing this at work too


What's the evidence for... emotional intelligence?

Evidence-based HR isn't about stealing anyone's thunder, it's about making the profession more effective


Rob Briner: Five things HR should start doing

Following on from his article on things HR should stop doing, here's Rob Briner's suggestions of five things HR should start doing


What's the evidence for... neuro-linguistic programming?

Sometimes HR professionals need to ask themselves why they use a particular process. Rob Briner examines the evidence behind NLP


What's the evidence for... change management?

Change management is rife with unsupported theories, so here Rob Briner examines the actual evidence.


Rob Briner: five things HR needs to stop doing

Every profession routinely does things that at best achieve nothing or waste resources, and at worst are actually counterproductive. What about HR? Is everything we do just marvellous? Of course not. ...


What's the evidence for... performance management?

Rob Briner searches for meaning in performance management