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Last chance to vote for HR magazine in the Willis Towers Watson awards


Voting closes at midnight on 4 July 2016

This is your last chance to vote for HR magazine to win HR Publication of the Year in the Willis Towers Watson Media Awards 2016!

Voting for these prestigious awards closes at midnight tonight, so vote now to ensure your voice is counted.

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Let’s take a look at why you should give us your vote:

In 2015 we refreshed our web strategy, moving from a traditional B2B site to something fresher, design-led and in line with our printed magazine. Rather than streaming content as ‘news’ or ‘features’, we created a three buckets approach: ’strategic HR’, ‘operational efficiency’ and ‘personal development’. This reflects how we observe the function evolving: it needs to nail the operational to have the credibility and time to add strategic value, and it must focus on its own development.

Example article: Evidence-based HR: Under the microscope

HR magazine prides itself on leading the way rather than following the crowd. We tell our readers what they need to know, not what they expect to hear. One example of this is our stance on evidence-based HR, which calls on the profession to examine the reasons it does things rather than jumping on bandwagons. This piece, an in-depth look at evidence-based HR, kicked off a year-long series with Bath University School of Management professor Rob Briner on the evidence (or lack thereof) for various HR practices. The debate continues on social media today.

Best exclusive: John Browne on being out at work

It’s hard to choose just one best exclusive interview; HR prides itself on networking to meet leaders others don’t access. But our interview with former BP CEO John Browne stands out. We were given a strict 30 minutes. To use this time wisely we honed in on HR’s role, and pushed and challenged Browne to take further some of the arguments made in his book – that chief diversity officers should report directly to the CEO and not HR, for example.

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