How can managers beat productivity paranoia?

Billionaire entrepreneur James Dyson made headlines this week as he slammed the right to work from home as 'economically illiterate' - but he's not alone in his productivity paranoia as many managers...

SMEs to give employees extra time off in December

More than half a million small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the UK are looking to give their workers extra time off around Christmas, according to research from Barclays.

Workplace transformations are great opportunities but not without risk

New work models are reshaping how organisations approach risk. Done well, sustainable competitive advantage can be achieved.

Hospitality workers overpaying national insurance on tips

More than 1.2 million hospitality staff in the UK are paying too much national insurance on their tips, according to research from Iris Software Group.

What to do when the lights are off, but the employees are in

The pressure on gas supplies has sparked fears that there may be a need for scheduled blackouts across the UK when energy usage peaks this winter.

Time to tackle induction in hybrid workplaces

Induction and onboarding have been challenging during the successive lockdowns, with consequences for both new starters and organisations.

Net zero workforce to create 300 million jobs

Companies shifting towards renewable energy sources will create a green collar workforce, predicted by Deloitte to create more than 300 million new jobs by 2050.

Rolling with the recession: how HR can succeed

The twists and turns of a recession can be unpredictable, yet with the right preparation it’s another chance for HR to show its colours.

Single parent employment rate reaches six year low

The employment rate for lone parents in the UK dropped to 66.4% between April and June 2022, according to data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Financial stability led older workers to leave during pandemic

The majority of workers over 50 who left employment during the second wave of the pandemic were able to do so because of a comfortable financial situation, according to data from the Office for...

Quiet firing trend suggests disengaged UK workers

Discussions around the phrase quiet quitting have led to a trend of workers sharing their quiet firing stories, where organisations do the bare minimum for an employee with the intention of forcing...

Payroll errors costing businesses £150,000 a year

UK businesses are losing up to £150,000 a year through payroll errors, according to research from HR, payroll and finance software provider MHR.