Fit notes for sick employees hit record high

The NHS issued 10.4 million fit notes in 2022, a record high.

Why presenteeism isn't necessarily a bad thing

With around 66% of businesses now working remotely, the importance of employers managing presenteeism is even more critical. Job flexibility has increased, but for many, so has work pressure.

Could flexible pay become a new trend now we're working remotely?

The current recession - brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic - has created increasing financial uncertainty for many people who are now facing an unpredictable job market and pressure on their personal...

How initial differences in opportunities and rewards can shape a person’s prospects in the workplace

Major crises such as economic austerity and the current pandemic have aggravated existing vulnerabilities across several domains of life. Over time, such crises can have a snowball effect.

CIPD calls for bereavement leave and pay for all employees experiencing close family loss

The CIPD is calling for the right to bereavement leave and pay to be extended to all employees experiencing the loss of a close family member.

Mental health named most common reason for employees to lie about sick days

New research by Aetna found a third (35.8%) of employees in the UK, the U.S., Singapore and the UAE admitted to having lied about sick days

Practical tips on holidays and furlough

Furlough was once a term that no-one had heard of under UK employment law.

Can you force employees back to work?

?The UK government has confirmed that from Wednesday 13 May those who are unable to work from home should be ‘actively encouraged’ to return to work.

How HR can support an organisation when its leader is absent

Following news that prime minister Boris Johnson was rushed into intensive care last week, we look at how organisations cope when their leader is absent

Virgin Atlantic staff told to take unpaid leave

Virgin Atlantic staff have been forced to take eight weeks of unpaid leave over the next three months to help the business survive during the Coronavirus pandemic

Coronavirus travel hazards

Organisations have a duty of care to employees, as well as operational ramifications to consider

HR leaders revising pandemic procedures

A survey has revealed less than 10% of businesses had a workplace or HR policy covering a disease pandemic