What's new in learning and development technology for 2023

We explored some of the market's freshest HR tech

The need for engaging, personalised and remote learning is driving rapid developments in the world of learning and development (L&D). The HR editorial team rounds up the latest in AI from some of the UK’s leading providers.

Voyage, Personio

SME HR software provider Personio has developed a new education system for HR professionals to grow their skills via a range of formats, including quick references and articles, interactive courses and networking opportunities.

It aims to bring learning and community resources into a central platform, making it easier for HR to track key trends and regulations, and learn how to deliver maximum impact from HR software.

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Free to existing customers, the learning platform will offer three core elements.

The Voyager Academy provides on-demand and interactive learning opportunities and skill badges that can be shared on social media, alongside training content focused on use cases and scenarios.

It will evolve to include best practice guides for HR professionals, industry credentials, community events, learning paths, webinars and localised resources that reflect the specific needs of HR professionals in different countries.

The Voyager Community element will help to forge connections between thousands of HR professionals across Europe and the Help Centre allows users to search articles and references for the answer they need.

Price available on request – new features free to existing customers.


Verified skills badges, Udemy Business

Recognising skills as a high priority for customers, education technology company Udemy has added a new badging feature to its Udemy Business L&D platform.

Using the feature, employees can add and earn certified skills to their profiles to signal capabilities to peers, managers and other colleagues across the business.

The badges are available for a range of subject areas including accounting, agile, application development and business intelligence, verified by nearly 200 third-party certification exams.

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Shareable across different platforms, badges authenticate learners have passed the necessary exams to be certified in any given skill, and they maintain this verification as they move through their career.

The badges feature is the latest development in Udemy’s commitment to an Integrated Skills Framework, the next development of which is expected to be the Insight Trending feature which will give customers an overview of where core capabilities, and skills shortages, lie.

Teams of five to 20 users can subscribe to Udemy Business for $360 (around £290) per user, per year (plus tax). Enterprise packages for 21 or more users is priced bespoke.


New eLearning content, Ciphr LMS

The Ciphr learning management system (LMS) is a cloud-based system available as a standalone product or integrated with other Ciphr HR tech.

Features include customisable, structured learning pathways and training plans, created from ready-to-use templates to guide and upskill users through the different stages of their training; automated notifications and training reminders; and comprehensive tracking and reporting on mandatory and voluntary training activities.

New additions for 2023 include off-the-shelf e-learning content packs from Ciphr and its subsidiary Marshall E-Learning Consultancy. The packs broaden the platform’s content offering, with training focused on compliance; equality, diversity and inclusion; mental health and wellbeing; and management.

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There is also a comprehensive manager’s toolkit covering a wide range of topics, including effective communication, the hiring process, running appraisals, managing absence, leading diverse teams, and handling budgets. Off-the-shelf content is available in both standard and micro-learning formats.

Price varies depending on scope of project. Ciphr’s off-the-shelf eLearning content packs are priced separately.


Caisy Conversation AI Simulator, Skillsoft

Skillsoft’s Caisy Conversation AI Simulator is a generative AI-based tool for simulating business and leadership conversational skills.

The tool offers employees a safe space to practice important business conversations with an AI-powered trainer. The tech acts as the other person in the conversation, providing personalised feedback and guidance on communication style to guide development.

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It combines practice and role modelling scenarios with generative AI as the underlying engine. The tool uses AI in an ethical and responsible way through the implementation of appropriate guardrails, which monitors for abuse, correct context, and scenario accuracy.

These additional security layers help to mitigate biases in training data, promote fairness, reduce the spread of false information, and prevent offensive or inappropriate responses through the conversations that learners have with the AI trainers.

New features currently in testing so no price point yet.


AI-ally and AI Certification for L&D professionals, 360Learning

360Learning is in the process of launching a slew of AI tools for L&D. The first of these releases is a new AI Certification course for L&D professionals that will teach them how AI works, the potential risks and how it can be applied in their day-to-day jobs.

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It is designed to help L&D teams understand how to get the best out of AI tools, ensuring they can deliver outstanding learning experiences, increase productivity and drive results.

Access to the L&D Certification opened in June and the course launched in September.

Robyn, the platform’s AI-powered ally, has also been launched to support learners through self-assessment workflows that recommend skills based on onboarding data.

This tool aims to reduce time spent on manual updates, whilst ensuring teams can access the skills they need to be productive at work.

Price available on request.


AI-powered course creation, Civica Learning

Civica Learning provides a single learning management platform for the creation and delivery of digital learning content.

In addition to L&D teams, the LMS enables managers, trainers and subject matter experts – anyone within an organisation – to unlock hidden expertise and share knowledge and skills through the creation of e-learning courses, assessments, quizzes, surveys, and other digital learning resources.

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This year, the platform has been updated to include an integrated e-learning authoring solution powered by Easygenerator.

Authors can use this AI-powered feature to generate ideas, summarise and bullet point content, simplify language and generate questions.

Rather than replacing content creators, this tool helps to speed up creation, improve quality and increase knowledge retention.

Price available on request.


Kineo Analytics, Kineo

Kineo Analytics says Kineo is a potent tool for L&D teams, offering a comprehensive view of the learning journey, tracking engagement, skill development and confidence building.

Kineo integrates data capture into the infrastructure of course design, making it cost-effective and efficient. It tracks data across the full learning experience, providing the insights needed to prove the success of online learning content and make smarter decisions.

It goes beyond simple data collection to give you insights into how your learners engage with the content and how effectively it builds skills and confidence.

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In fact, Kineo has introduced the analytics offer as standard with any course built in Adapt, its open-source content authoring tool. The aim is to help teams bridge the knowledge gap, enabling a data-centric approach to content design and development.

Moreover, to tackle confusing and unstructured data, Kineo Analytics simplifies data collection into four dimensions: competence, perception, engagement and reaction, providing a solid foundation for analysis.

The service, offered without charge, signifies a commitment to creating impactful learning solutions through data and promises exciting opportunities and invaluable insights.

Price available on request.


Cornerstone Content Studio, Cornerstone

Cornerstone Content Studio is an AI-powered, highly intuitive content curation, discovery and insights tool.

With a few clicks, L&D leaders can consolidate how they search for relevant content across all their content providers, receive AI-powered recommendations, easily curate new collections and get direct visibility into content consumption trends.

Designed to bridge the gap between learning content and business goals, Content Studio is built directly into the Cornerstone Talent Experience Platform. It uses a vast array of people, skills and content data to help organisations implement an informed content strategy.

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Content Studio customers also have access to thousands of learning courses that are expertly curated and constantly evolving with Cornerstone’s content subscription offering, Cornerstone Content Anytime (CCA).

The subscriptions feature award-winning originals and courses from top brands and qualified experts, and span topics like professional skills, modern compliance, leadership and management and technology.

This level of seamless access and insight helps L&D leaders make more informed decisions about how their content strategy can implement a skills-based approach, save administrators time navigating large content catalogues, correlate the impact of their content and learning strategies on key business outcomes and get actionable insights on their content investment.

Price available on request.


Coaching and AI, Thrive Learning

Determined to be the all-in-one learning platform to power people performance,, Thrive has launched a series of new developments to its offer. These include a new coaching and mentoring programme, and AI-powered productivity tools.

Through the new coaching and mentoring offer Thrive will better support businesses and learners to progress their skills through the support of searching for coaches and mentors.

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Looking beyond knowledge sharing, the feature will match subject-matter experts with Thrive users, creating opportunities for learners to grow, set and achieve further goals and enable them to stay on track and motivated.

AI is already embedded into day-to-day business life. However, 75% of organisations are considering bans on AI due to privacy concern.

Thrive is looking to harness the power and benefits of AI in order to create bespoke models which are fully hosted within their own private cloud and continually updated to reflect changing businesses.

Automating the creation of courses and goals and having the ability to further assess and summarise learning content will allow Thrive users to get the answers they need faster.

Price available on request.

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