How to best serve LGBT+ employees

Workplace discrimination against LGBT+ members is a significant problem, with many LGBT+ employees believing their company could do more.

Forstater ruling pushes employers to define discrimination

Last week's ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) which backed Maya Forstater’s right to share her controversial transgender views on social media is likely to pose significant challenges for...

Transgender employees face 14% income gap

LGBT+ staff are struggling with promotion opportunities and verbal abuse, with transgender workers feeling particularly unsupported

The 12 months of 2018: October

It's been an eventful year for HR-related issues hitting the headlines. Our 12 Days of Christmas countdown revisits each month's most notable happenings

Transphobia rife among UK employers

34% of employers are “less likely” to hire someone if transgender and 43% admit to being unsure if they would recruit a transgender worker