The cost of closeting: the economic impact of suppressing queer and trans identities at work

Many of us in the LGBT+ community still face discrimination and lost opportunities at work, but for countless others, there's an added burden, an invisible weight, a stifling secret, they remain...

Why your company needs a gender expression policy

Do you have a gender expression policy? Few companies do, but it’s one of the most powerful things you can do to demonstrate support for employees who plan to formally transition gender, or for those...

What not to ask a transgender person

This week is National Inclusion Week, which of course raises the question: how can we improve belonging in the workplace? While it is never appropriate to ask intrusive questions, it is something...

Stonewall and HR: why can’t we be friends?

Once upon a time, employers queued round the block to have their inclusivity initiatives recognised by Stonewall. But has the LGBT+ rights charity now gone too far and is it beginning to alienate...

Is the workplace more trans-inclusive than society?

In the wider world the transgender community is not still experiencing enough support and inclusion and there is a new surge in rhetoric, harassment and discrimination, and a huge wedge between gender...

Stonewall CEO: creating a safe space for ideas key to trans inclusion

Senior leadership involvement is vital to ensure trans inclusivity at work, and HR can help, says LGBT+ charity Stonewall.

Living openly as a trans woman in the workplace

Lying, they say, is harder work than telling the truth. But the sad truth is that for LGBT+ people, bad work environments end up making liars of us all.

Top employers for LGBT+ inclusion in 2022 listed by Stonewall

Lesbian, gay, bi, trans and queer (LGBT+) rights charity Stonewall has published its top 100 employers for LGBTQ+ inclusion in 2022.

How to best serve LGBT+ employees

Workplace discrimination against LGBT+ members is a significant problem, with many LGBT+ employees believing their company could do more.

Forstater ruling pushes employers to define discrimination

Last week's ruling by the Employment Appeal Tribunal (EAT) which backed Maya Forstater’s right to share her controversial transgender views on social media is likely to pose significant challenges for...

Using correct pronouns leads to a more inclusive workplace, HR urged

HR teams have an important role to play to make sure that trans and non-binary staff are not discriminated against and that they feel comfortable at their place of work.

Gender pay gap reporting and trans people

As COVID-19 challenges develop and, hopefully, subside, the enforcement of the pay gap reporting deadline for employers with at least 250 employees in Great Britain will continue from 6 April 2021.