Growth in green jobs market remains sluggish

The rate of green jobs creation is seriously behind government target levels.

HR must be included in climate strategies

A new report reveals an urgent need for UK businesses to include their HR leaders and people in the development and communication of their climate strategies.

Climate change topples talent as CEOs’ biggest concern

Cybersecurity, climate change and supply chain issues have topped the list of the biggest threats to growth, according to business leaders in KPMG’s 2021 CEO Outlook.

Four-day working week would improve UK carbon footprint and employee mood

Not only do employees want a four-day work week, but a new report says its introduction would dramatically reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

Staff think employers aren't doing enough on climate change

As employers face mounting pressure to tackle the climate emergency, workers think organisations should be doing more

Businesses and unions support global climate strike

?Unions and organisations have given their backing to the youth climate strikes today, as firms are urged to take more action on environmental issues

Workers feel left out of technology change

While many employers expect technology to deliver productivity and wellbeing gains, a separate report warns that workers feel shut out of decisions around tech

Staff want employers to declare a climate emergency

Research finds firms could lose talent if they don't address environmental concerns, as a separate study calls for the working week to be shortened to cut emissions

Caroline Lucas: Green New Deal could create thousands of new jobs

Shifting to a green economy would create many jobs, according to MP for Brighton Pavilion and former Green Party leader Caroline Lucas speaking at a New Economics Foundation event