Sarah Ronan

Can we escape the single parent trap?

It’s sometimes said that being a single mother may be twice the work and twice the stress, but it’s also twice the love. The economic and somewhat less saccharine version of that might be that it is...


Assessing the apprenticeship levy three years on

This year marks the third anniversary of the government’s apprenticeship reforms, and with each passing year, we’ve seen the commentary on it evolve.


Is HR a hypocrite when it comes to D&I?

With CIPD data showing the HR profession is overwhelmingly female, white and straight, is HR itself walking the talk on diversity and inclusion?


Making the leadership leap

How can organisations make sure that leadership transitions – both within and from outside the company – are successful?


Bridging the learning opportunities gap caused by automation

When firms automate low-skilled tasks do entry-level employees miss out on vital learning opportunities?


HRD's pocket guide to... smart cities

The HRD’s pocket guide series offers an explanation of areas outside day-to-day HR that business-savvy HRDs need to have a handle on


Spotlight on UK expats in the travel industry

An estimated 25,000 UK citizens work in the EU supporting seasonal outbound tourism


How Brexit will affect UK staff working overseas

While Brexit remains as murky as ever it will certainly have an impact on UK expats working in Europe. Here's what could happen and how HR should prepare


De-biasing language in job adverts

The wording in job adverts can discourage certain segments of the population, but here's how to de-bias them


Tax-free childcare scheme raises concerns

Two years in, the system intended to replace childcare vouchers is still being criticised as unwieldy and under-publicised, with some calling for reform


Is it time to reform the apprenticeship levy?

With billions of unused funds about to expire, the rules governing the length and content of apprenticeships may need to be more flexible or scrapped altogether


Sexual harassment in the technology sector

Tech giants have been accused of having cultures that ignore or perpetuate harassment and gendered discrimination