Stephen Bevan, employee wellbeing trailblazer, has passed away

Stephen Bevan, a frontrunner in HR research and a leading voice on workplace wellbeing, died last night (19 June 2024). We report this news with great sadness, and publish this report in tribute to...

How HR can help inform guidance to support employees who have cancer

When sharing her cancer diagnosis, the Princess of Wales highlighted the value of work for her wellbeing. Employers need to better prepare for and manage employees working with cancer.

How to support employees in cancer remission

A cancer diagnosis can be one of the single most traumatic life events faced by a person. Yet what is less widely acknowledged is the far-reaching, ongoing physical and emotional impacts of cancer.

Most UK managers feel unable to offer adjustments for cancer

Under half (47%) of line managers said they would be able to offer support to colleagues with cancer with reasonable adjustments in their workplace, according to a new study exclusive to HR magazine.

Petition launched to introduce paid leave for routine breast screening

HR consultant Julie Grabham, owner of JG HR Solutions, has launched a petition calling on employers and other HR leaders to introduce paid leave for employees to attend routine breast screening.

Breast cancer survivor wins £30,000 in disability discrimination claim

Marketing manager Lucy Lyddall has won a discrimination claim after being dismissed without warning following treatment for breast cancer.


Employers should learn from Natwest's mistakes

The Equality Act 2010 provides that certain medical conditions, including cancer, HIV infection and multiple sclerosis, are disabilities. Aside from the moral imperative, Adeline Willis’s case against...

Cancer patients unaware of their rights at work - and HR's not helping

Many cancer patients returning to work are unaware of their rights at work, and HR departments are failing to inform them.

Cancer: screening by risk 

Many cancers are preventable, and many are treatable. This is hugely positive but there are, however, a couple of caveats.  

Working with Cancer: a guidebook for HR

A cancer diagnosis, either personally or of a loved one, is likely to affect every single one of us at some point in our lifetimes, yet the subject remains a taboo in the workplace.

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Cancer patients feel unsupported at work

?More than a quarter (27%) of cancer patients who are employed when diagnosed receive no support to help them return to work, according to Macmillan Cancer Support