Zofia Bajorek

Flexible working may not be the revolution it seems

At first glance it would seem that the flexible working genie is irreversibly out of the bottle. But is it?


Why ‘good work’ trumps fruit and pilates evangelism every time

Embedding the concept of 'good work' in HR practices will deliver better health and productivity than focusing on more superficial lifestyle factors


Evaluating EAP effectiveness: Need for change

Just 9% of HR managers have attempted to evaluate their EAP in terms of ROI, and so could be missing a trick


Measuring returns on EAP investment

EAPs are becoming natural for employers, but how can you measure their impact? Research attempts to find out


Long-term conditions don't have to mean worklessness

The UK's ageing workforce means a surge in employees with a long-term illness, but there are things employers can do to help


Line managers and IBD in the workplace

By 2030, it is estimated 40% of the working age population will have at least one long-term chronic condition. Strategies around the management of such conditions need to have increased focus in...


Out of office etiquette

The automatic out of office replies open up a can of worms when it comes to wording, tone and style. However, perhaps we should pay more attention to promoting a better work-life balance.


Will France's 'right of disconnecting' actually work?

An agreement has been signed between French employers and unions that means engineers and consulting workers no longer have to answer work phone calls or e-mails after 6pm, if they are not in the...