More companies offering remote working positions, according to LinkedIn

Despite the end of lockdown restrictions on 19 July and the widespread return to the office in sight, remote job opportunities are still on the rise.

According to new data from LinkedIn, remote job postings advertised on the platform have increased substantially across all industries, with some sectors recording five to 19 times the level of remote work postings compared to June 2020.

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It also found over one third (38%) of UK workers would prefer to work remotely full-time in the future, while almost half (49%) prefer hybrid working, and 12% want to work full-time from the office.

Becky Schnauffer, senior director at LinkedIn, said job adverts for remote roles are booming is a signal that a more flexible approach to work is here to stay for the foreseeable future.

She told HR magazine: “This is a seismic shift in the way companies operate as they reconsider the purpose of the office and the distribution of their workforce.

“Remote roles will create new opportunities for a wealth of people, particularly those with care-giving responsibilities, additional needs or people who simply cannot afford to live near office locations.”

Schnauffer said the challenge now for HR and leadership teams is to create a system that works for all employees.

“HR will have to work hard to keep people engaged, connected, and included regardless of their location,” she said.

The recreation and travel industry in particular has seen a significant increase in remote work options.

In June 2020, the proportion of job vacancies in this sector that offered remote working was at 0.8%, and a year later the percentage has increased to 7.6%.

Travel company TUI UK announced on 14 July it will be moving to permanent flexible working following the 16 months of home working.

The majority of TUI’s office-based employees in the UK have worked from home since the start of the pandemic.

During this time, TUI embraced the shift realising that almost all office-based roles could be done remotely

Its research into ways of working found many employees have adjusted their working practices and discovered many benefits, including a better work/life balance.  

Belinda Vazquez, workspace director of TUI UK and Ireland said the company wants to embrace the concept that work is something people do, not somewhere they go.

She said: “We have listened to our employees in order to define a clear framework that ensures ultimate flexibility, while creating positive experiences that enable all colleagues to feel like they belong and are valued."