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Brexit uncertainty affecting access to talent


Two-fifths of businesses (39%) are finding that uncertainty around Brexit is directly affecting their ability to access talent, according to research from Guidant Global

Out of the 1,500 hiring managers surveyed, 78% said they are currently finding it difficult to access the quality and volume of talent their business needs to thrive.

The survey found that almost half (47%) believe that developing staff internally is the best way to address skills shortages.

Other measures being considered to bridge current and future skills gaps include using technology to plan and manage workforces more strategically and tapping into under-utilised talent pools, which were favoured by 22% and 16% of respondents respectively.

A further 8% of hiring managers plan on taking a more global approach to sourcing and managing staff, while 5% are considering increasing flexible working options.

Commenting on the findings, Simon Blockley, managing director EMEA at Guidant Global, told HR magazine that HR should focus on personalised career development pathways to progress internal talent.

“People are a business’ greatest asset but to retain the brightest talent, leaders must engage and develop their teams. The organisations that are most successful at this have systems in place to support individuals in becoming the best version of themselves,” he said.

“In today’s rapidly-changing workplaces, rigid career structures can often inhibit creativity, innovation and growth. For this reason HR leaders should introduce processes that ensure every team member has a platform to voice their goals and passions so that they can be offered personalised CPD pathways."

Other considerations include strong management and employee wellbeing, he added. “By doing this, leaders can provide employees with clear routes to progress and a means to obtain the experience and support needed to reach their full potential. Managers make the difference, and giving those in senior positions the tools to identify and nurture star talent is key.

“It is also vital to create an environment where wellbeing underpins every employee’s career path – and to nurture a culture where everyone feels confident to bring their authentic selves to work – if individuals are to truly thrive.”