Doctor pockets £10,000 sick pay while moonlighting at two other hospitals

Junior doctor, Tracy Landu-Landu, took four months sick pay from the NHS while moonlighting at two different hospitals.

Health secretary orders NHS to stop hiring DEI roles

Health Secretary Steve Barclay has ordered the NHS to stop recruiting for roles solely focused on diversity and inclusion.

Why ergonomics is a smart financial investment for HR leaders 

Over one million desk workers developed back pain whilst working from home during the pandemic. Online complaints of ‘wrist pain’ increased by 96% compared to the year before. In most cases, these...

Ill-health top reason UK women expect to leave work before retirement

Almost a third (29%) of UK women expect to leave work before state pension age, with 42% expecting this to be due to health or wellbeing, according to a new study from the British Standards...

How to avoid wellbeing washing in HR

With wellbeing, it’s all easy to fall into fads. Celebrating Mental Health Awareness Month and linking employees up with the latest meditation app are good ideas, but without a strategy bringing them...

Are your sleepless nights damaging the bottom line – and your team?

Sleep matters. Fact. There are many articles, backed up by tons of solid research, explaining the detrimental effects of short or poor sleep on physical and mental health, emotional wellbeing, and...

Is there light at the end of the tunnel for menopausal women?

Menopause…I know. It’s been done to death. For those women suffering, it hasn't even started.

NHS strikes should make employers think twice about health

The largest strike in the history of the NHS is a warning bell for employers and HR leaders that they need to be contingency planning and putting strategies in place to ensure their workforces are...


Employers to step in as menopause rejected as a protected characteristic

The UK government's rejection of calls to add menopause protections to the Equality Act shouldn’t stop businesses from creating their own policies, say women’s rights advocates and HR experts.


Long-term sick workers reach record 2.5 million

Businesses have a duty of care to all their employees, as the total number of workers in the UK dealing with long-term sickness reached a record high 2.5 million by July 2022.

UK businesses neglecting work-related suicides

Businesses in the UK aren't doing enough to prevent work-related suicides, according to the Hazards Campaign ahead of World Suicide Prevention day on 10 September.

Majority of employers want to offer addiction support

A majority (54%) of employers would like to offer support gambling, alcohol, or drug addiction, yet just 4% do.