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How to keep up with the changing mental health priorities of HR

Poor workplace mental health costs the UK economy £56 billion a year. But it hasn’t been easy to access the formal training and qualifications needed to start changing that – until now.

UK workplaces are facing significant mental health and wellbeing challenges. Health & Safety Executive (HSE) reports show that reported cases of work-related stress, anxiety, and depression have increased by 100,000 workers since 2022 and an estimated 10% of suicides in the UK were directly linked to work.

Good mental health and wellbeing in your workforce is not only a legal and moral obligation it’s crucial for a winning business strategy. An employer that embeds a strong culture of health and wellbeing, that is supportive and cares for its employees, reaps the rewards through a more productive, engaged, and loyal workforce that attracts and retains the best talent.

Employers are investing more than ever in providing mental health and wellbeing support initiatives in their organisations to support their people; however poor mental health at work costs are continuing to rise and mental health and wellbeing initiatives often miss the mark, and employee needs aren’t being met.

HR and wellbeing leads are often at the forefront of leading and developing strategic solutions and are key to implementing positive culture change.

Yet, many have no formal support, training, or qualifications to successfully achieve the outcomes required from their mental health and wellbeing responsibilities, until now.

The Mental Health Culture Change Diploma

The Level 5 Mental Health Culture Change Diploma (post nominal letters Dip MHCC) is the only nationally accredited work-based qualification of its kind in the UK and is already gaining widespread recognition among employers for those in HR and wellbeing roles.

Using a mixture of virtual masterclasses, self-learning, one-to-one and group mentoring, the Diploma provides a carefully structured programme which covers all aspects essential to the development of effective workplace mental health and wellbeing strategies.

Once completed it will give you the confidence to lead effective and solution focused mental health and wellbeing culture change – from legal compliance to individualised support.

Designed and delivered by mental health workplace specialists with a track record in delivering organisational change, over a period of 12 months the Diploma uses tried and tested methodologies to empower and support key professionals to design and implement safe, effective culture change strategies which are tailored to their own organisation’s unique needs.    

There are no formal entry qualifications, though it is aimed at those who are already in HR and wellbeing roles. But it’s equally open to those in HR looking to develop the formal skills they need to take on a role in this area.

Wherever you are starting from, the Diploma will give you the confidence to significantly improve the lives of your fellow employees, to improve the business performance of your organisation, and enhance your own career prospects.  

Further your knowledge, skills, and confidence

As an employer you need to attract and retain the best talent. Those best candidates want to work for the best companies that have their wellbeing in mind.

That means firms which demonstrably prioritise the health and wellbeing of their employees and understand the unique needs of a workforce from menopause and mental health to men’s health, diversity and difference to safely implementing peer to peer support.

Furthermore, you can be confident that the Dip MHCC delivers your legal obligations in the workplace that protect employees from psychological injuries and ensures the best support for employees with mental health disabilities.

Finally, an investment in an effective mental health wellbeing strategy that targets high risk areas, is highly preventative and delivered universally has the highest return on investment, according to Deloitte.

For those in HR and wellbeing you’ll benefit from the specialist knowledge, skills, and tools the course provides to confidently lead transformational change that inspires your peers. The Diploma offers you major step forward in your own professional development that has become essential in HR’s evolving role and responsibilities.

Workplace mental health and wellbeing has never been more crucial, and with the Level 5 Mental Health Culture Change Diploma we’re taking a major step forward to ensuring that HR and wellbeing leads get the recognition and status they truly deserve.  


Emily Pearson is managing director and founder of Our Mind’s Work

To find out more about the diploma, contact emily.pearson@ourmindswork.com or attend one of the information webinars on 27 April or 16 May 2023.