Future leader: Jordan Noble, Mackie's of Scotland

Noble: HR will take on a leading role in ESG efforts

Jordan Noble, people and development manager at confectioner Mackie's of Scotland, shares her vision for the future of the profession.

Prior to stepping into HR my work experience included roles at occupational health firm International SOS and various roles in hospitality.

As I delved deeper into HR I discovered a genuine passion for working with people and the variety that HR offered.

Inflation and a cost of living crisis places additional pressure on HR teams, requiring them to tackle compensation and benefits challenges, promote employee wellbeing, and to adjust HR strategies in response to changing economic conditions. Prioritising effective communication and employee retention and wellbeing is essential.

In the next five years, AI and technology will play a pivotal role in HR. Ethical frameworks will be needed to guide their use, ensuring fairness and privacy. HR teams will use AI and automation to streamline recruitment, enhance data analysis and improve decision-making.

HR will take on a more prominent role in organisations’ environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) efforts. HR teams will incorporate ESG principles into talent strategies as well as advocating for diversity and inclusion, and the promotion of ethical sourcing.

Employer branding is continuing to grow in importance as employees seek transparency, ethics, values, and authenticity in their workplaces. Companies that prioritise sustainability and foster inclusive environments will have a distinct advantage in attracting and retaining top talent.

I am passionate about embracing technology and automation tools to streamline processes, enhance data analytics, and improve decision-making.

I aspire to cultivate an environment in which colleagues thrive, develop and feel connected to the organisation’s purpose. Aligning HR strategies with business goals and advocating for HR’s pivotal role in shaping culture and strategy will be my driving force for positive change.

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