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National Payroll Week: what HR should know

Payroll has always been a vital element of the workplace, but employers are often guilty of not prioritising its importance.

What six months of remote work has taught us

Six months ago would you have imagined yourself sharing a workspace with your partner? Your kids? Your pets?

Hours of the workday are being wasted on video calls

Employees have wasted an estimated 56 hours since lockdown in preparing for and getting back into work after video calls.

Employers advised to seek remote work balance as high street suffers

In a controversial move, the UK government is set to launch a new campaign to encourage workers to return to offices in response to economic concerns of the high street.

Why it pays to be an age-friendly employer

At a time when the burden of preparing for retirement falls more heavily on individuals and governments are talking about scaling back benefits, the role that companies play in getting people ready...

How initial differences in opportunities and rewards can shape a person’s prospects in the workplace

Major crises such as economic austerity and the current pandemic have aggravated existing vulnerabilities across several domains of life. Over time, such crises can have a snowball effect.

Lessons from the C-suite: Lisa Pinney, CEO of the Coal Authority

Lisa Pinney talks controlling HR, challenges for 2020 and the mistakes she's learned from.


UK tech workers believe location should be unrelated to pay

Almost half (49%) of UK workers at tech SMEs said they believe pay and benefits should be based on ability rather than location, and more would like further remote opportunities according to a poll...

Will coronavirus prompt a flexible working backlash?

Flexible working has been having a moment in the spotlight. Enforced homeworking for many, and the need to restructure teams, rethink working hours, and ensure safe working conditions for those who...

HR which maintains trust with employees more likely to succeed in pandemic recession

Companies with comprehensive human resource management (HRM) practices and union relationships are more likely to survive a deep recession, say researchers.

Remote working boom could see power-shift towards employees

The lockdown has been a major test for managers and leaders. Many businesses have had to tackle tough economic conditions, with demand for their goods and services evaporating overnight.

Positive News: How businesses are helping employees back into work, part two

HR up and down the country is reintroducing employees back to their workplaces - either physically or a return from furlough. We highlight just a few of the many brilliant initiatives HR is...


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