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Working parents under pressure as lockdown eases

Working parents will struggle to return to employment this month following the government announcement that schools are not likely to re-open until September.

How businesses are harnessing technology during the switch to flexible working

?As COVID-19 restrictions mean working from home has become the norm for many, HR has had to adapt to new means of managing employee performance and understanding engagement. For some this has meant...

The psychology of remote working: will you thrive or survive in a remote world?

There has been a considerable focus on the practical elements on remote working recently, from setting up an office to getting to grips with video conferencing. However, there has been a growing...

Working from home saves UK drivers over quarter of a billion pounds in fuel

Lockdown restrictions and essential travel guidelines have saved the UK’s driving population £267 million in fuel costs during the COVID-19 outbreak

Mental health named most common reason for employees to lie about sick days

New research by Aetna found a third (35.8%) of employees in the UK, the U.S., Singapore and the UAE admitted to having lied about sick days

Employees losing confidence in leaders throughout coronavirus pandemic

Employee confidence in coronavirus-related decision making is taking a huge hit, according to a new survey by engagement tech firm Culture Amp.

Practical tips on holidays and furlough

Furlough was once a term that no-one had heard of under UK employment law.

Hot seat: Optimising people as enablers

The vocation of HR has humanity and reason at its core. But as our profession responds to the immediate challenges of coronavirus (COVID-19), the post-EU Exit era, and future trends, we must focus on...

Tackling HR’s image problem

We have the opportunity to shift the way HR is perceived in a fundamental and permanent way

Finding gender equality in the blur between home and work

For many of us the move to home and online working brought about by COVID-19 is challenging us to rethink not only the practicalities of work - the how, when and where - but the nature of our...

Workers judge colleagues’ houses over video conferencing

Two in five (40%) UK employees judge their colleagues on how their house looks over video conferencing, a new poll commissioned by Eskenzi PR has found.

HR could benefit from approaching remote working by personality

Working from home under lockdown is challenging for HR and employees. Yet, much of the rhetoric surrounding how to cope with and cater to a more remote workforce is only suitable for certain...

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