Trade union

Council appeals ruling over "bully-boy" email to strikers

Wiltshire Council is to appeal an employment tribunal ruling that an email sent by its CEO subjected workers to detriment.

Supreme Court grants Usdaw appeal in Tesco fire and rehire case

The Supreme Court has granted the Union of Shop Distributive and Allied Workers (Usdaw) permission to pursue its case against Tesco over use of fire and rehire tactics.

Rolls Royce workers win record pay increase

Factory workers for car manufacturer Rolls Royce have been awarded a pay rise worth up to 18% after successful union negotiations between the company and trade union Unite.

Unison demands higher fuel allowance for public sector workers

Trade union Unison has called on the government to increase mileage rates for public sector staff who rely on their cars for work.

Trade unions unite to battle government over strike regulations

Trade unions across the UK, in conjunction with the Trades Union Congress (TUC), have joined together to pursue legal action against legislation that allows organisations to use agency workers as...

Employee relations to enter new era of instability

Following the news of strikes at the likes of Royal Mail, British Airways, Network Rail and Ryanair, around half (53%) of UK employers believe the country is entering a new, more unstable period of...

Do boards needs directors in charge of bringing the workers’ perspective?

The rights of workers are rarely far from the headlines. You only have to look at the backlash that came from P&O’s decision to make 800 people redundant without consultation to know the reaction when...

Companies sign Freelancer Charter to protect worker rights

Companies across the UK have signed the Freelance Charter drawn up by freelance platform UnderPinned which aims to protect the rights of self-employed workers.

P&O scandal adds new fire to Employment Bill demand

A collection of unions headed by the Trades Union Congress (TUC) have urged business secretary Kwasi Kwarteng to say when the update to the UK's Employment Bill, first promised in 2019, will be put on...

Supreme Court confirms employers’ right to change contracts if negotiation fails

The 27 October ruling of Kostal UK vs Dunkley has cleared up details of an employers’ rights when it comes to collective bargaining with trade unions.

Former Brewdog employees claim staff aren’t treated like human beings

A group of ex-employees from craft beer brewing company Brewdog have started a campaign to bring to light their negative experiences working for the brand.

Government travel advice u-turn could threaten jobs

The unexpected changes to the UK government's traffic light travel system have left the aviation and travel industry fearing further job losses.