Parental leave

Employee benefits lack adequate support for working parents, survey finds

Just 14% of working parents feel supported by their employee benefits package, according to research by REC Parenting, an online platform that offers support to parents.

Time off is parents’ second biggest concern when kids are sick

Having to take time off work is parents’ second highest concern when their child is in hospital, according to research from MetLife UK, an insurance and employee benefits provider.

How should employers support parents with a seriously ill child?

A petition has been started for a statutory requirement for employers to offer career breaks for parents with a seriously ill child, but some have questioned the practicality of such a policy.

Flexible paternity leave plans announced by government

Government has announced it will amend legislation to give new parents more flexibility on when and how they take paternity leave, in response to a public consultation on parental leave and pay.

Horseback maternity meeting costs employer at tribunal

A groom has won a maternity discrimination suit against her employer, an Epsom Derby-winning stables, after one of her managers refused to dismount during a meeting about her return to work.

How should HR support employees with postpartum depression? 

According to the World Health Organisation, almost one in five women will experience a mental health condition during pregnancy or in the year after the birth of their children.  

Government backs new bills for pregnant workers and unpaid carers

The government has thrown its support behind new laws designed to help both pregnant workers and unpaid carers in the UK.

Paid pregnancy loss leave offered to just a quarter of employees

Only a quarter (25%) of employees who experienced pregnancy or baby loss in the past five years received paid compassionate leave from their employer, according to research from the CIPD.

Virgin among first companies providing paid carer and neonatal leave

Virgin Media O2 has rolled out enhanced employee wellbeing initiatives, becoming one of the first UK companies to offer both paid neonatal and paid carer's leave to workers.

Government urged to prioritise "overdue" paternity leave reforms

Nearly half of employers (46%) would welcome extensions to statutory paternity leave and pay, according to research from the CIPD.

How employers can help working parents in a tight labour market

For many, becoming a parent fundamentally alters how people view and what they expect from their workplace.

Proposed Neonatal Care Bill offers flexibility to working parents

The government's proposed Neonatal Care (Leave and Pay) Bill has undergone a second reading in parliament.