Menopause – three actions HR can take today to support their workforce

Monday 18th October is World Menopause Day. But while this stage of life which impacts half the population is now being discussed, what practical steps can HR make to support their employees?

How HR can prevent menopausal discrimination

Almost a million women in the UK have left jobs because menopause symptoms and an inquiry has been launched to understand if workplace discrimination is taking place. In the meantime, what can HR do...

Menopause: where legislation fails employers can step in

For years, menopause has been one of those subjects people shy away from in spite of it being a biological fact. This is particularly true in the workplace: although some employees experience...

Employers urged to discuss the menopause more openly

As the Labour party calls for menopausal women to be given greater workplace protections, menopause coach Kate Usher spoke candidly about her experiences

MPs say employers should support menopausal women

Calls for menopause policies to match workplace maternity policies come as research shows the impact on women's professional and personal lives

Menopause support still lacking at UK workplaces

Three out of five (59%) working women between the ages of 45 and 55 who are going through the menopause say it has a negative impact on them at work, according to the CIPD