Organisations urged to sign Pregnancy Loss Pledge

Half of respondents to a Miscarriage Association survey said they felt they had to return to work before they were ready, with many not knowing or being told about their right to pregnancy-related...

Over half of UK employers now provide enhanced maternity and paternity pay

Nearly two thirds (63.5%) of businesses offer maternity pay above the statuary minimum in the UK, and three-fifths (60.8%) offer enhanced paternity pay.

One month until Working Families Best Practice Awards 2019 entry deadline

?There’s one month left to apply for Working Families’ Best Practice Awards 2019

Self-employed mothers earn less

?Just 20% of self-employed mothers are earning as much as they did before they had children

Gender equality hinges on paternity leave

Gro Harlem Brundtland, former prime minister of Norway, speaks on gender equality in the workplace

Paternity leave policies becoming more inclusive globally

Organisations are expanding leave policies to include fathers, part-time employees and caregivers of parents