More workers taking two full-time jobs in secret

Work from home rules have prompted a small but growing number of workers to take on two full-time roles.

Inclusive recruitment needs continuous improvement

Embedding diversity and inclusion into businesses has come on leaps and bounds in recent years – it’s been exciting to watch as companies have developed strategies to increase representation of many...

Men’s role in interrupting sexism at work

Many of us have experienced or witnessed sexism in the workplace, and may have experienced the deflecting, the eye rolls, the silence in response. Research shows men calling out sexist behaviour may...

With leadership, do we understand enough about those who follow?

There are over 57,000 books with the word ‘leadership’ in the title on Amazon; it’s a subject widely read, discussed and debated within business theory and beyond. But, more often than not, there...

Why we need to stop calling it HR

In the last year we have realised the need for resilience alongside performance, so why is our perceived value still based on how hard we are working?

Employees feel they don't need managers' help

Creating collaborative cultures could help overcome difficulties in the employee-manager relationship

Employers not measuring the impact of employee benefits

Organisations could be in the dark about which perks their workforces value most

Bad bosses creating toxic workplaces

As fresh allegations emerge of bullying and toxic work cultures in high-profile organisations, research has found that bad bosses are largely to blame

A third of managers feel threatened by talented workers

Managers who feel threatened by subordinates can cause huge damage to the workplace out of insecurity, according to a new study

Stress-related absence surge caused by poor management

?More training is needed to help managers better support staff wellbeing, research has found

Single parents frozen out of apprenticeships

Research released for National Apprenticeship Week paints a mixed view of apprenticeships, with more female management apprentices but few single parents

Third of workers feel unqualified for their roles

Employees don't feel qualified in their current roles, with the fear of being ‘found out’ impacting their wellbeing