Mental health professionals ask employers to implement a right to disconnect

Almost half (45%) of employees have reported they feel they have to reply to work messages outside of working hours.

One in 10 Brits willing to risk job for post-holiday quarantine

A reported 10% of UK workers have said they would risk losing their job over going on holiday and having to quarantine when they come back.

Acas urges UK workers to take much needed time off work

Acas has urged UK employees to talk to their bosses about taking holiday, as four in 10 have taken less time off during the pandemic compared to before it started.

Workers missing out on £3.1 billion of paid leave

One in 14 UK workers are not getting their full legal holiday entitlement, according to TUC analysis

Two in five take a maximum of half their leave

As many as 40% of employees take a maximum of just half their holiday entitlement, with an average employee taking just 62% of their leave, according to Glassdoor

UK workers least likely to take holiday

Large workloads, guilt at leaving, and finding it difficult to switch off while away are all factors