Gender pay gap

Goldman Sachs pay gap hits 54%

The gender pay gap among UK staff at Goldman Sachs has reached 54% – its highest level since data was first gathered in 2017.

Majority of UK companies plan increased pay transparency

Currently 16% of UK companies are disclosing individual pay ranges to employees, the majority (54%) are considering doing so in the future, according to a study from broking company WTW.


Government urged to back mandatory ethnicity pay reporting

The government has been urged to introduce mandatory reporting on the ethnicity pay gap for all companies employing more than 250 workers by charities ShareAction and the Runnymede Trust in a new...

Employers threatened by “ticking time-bomb” of pay claims

The Equal Pay Act was introduced in the UK more than half a century ago, and yet many organisations still fail to pay male and female staff equally. Birmingham City Council, for one, is being forced...

Ethnicity motherhood penalty study released by Fawcett Society

Across all ethnicities, mothers earn an average of 45% less than women without children, but the report found there are greater gaps and additional barriers for mothers from minoritised ethnicities.

Closing the gender pay gap will empower women and deliver economic growth

If we want to be a high-growth country, we might start by tackling a problem which is as old as capitalism itself: the gender pay gap.

Should the UK follow the EU and introduce a pay transparency directive?

The EU has approved a new pay transparency directive which aims to close the gender pay gap.

Pension Protection Fund reports first disability pay gap

The Pension Protection Fund (PPF) has begun reporting its disability and long-term health pay gap after seeing positive results from its gender and ethnicity pay gap reporting.

Avoiding virtue signalling on International Women's Day

You’re a business considering sharing content in support of International Women’s Day (IWD). By all means take action, but first, take note.

Cost of living crisis affecting women more than men

Women in the UK are significantly more likely than men to earn less than a real Living Wage, leaving them vulnerable to the cost of living crisis.

Women have stopped earning for 2022, the same as in 2020

Equal Pay Day, the point in the year where women effectively stop earning relative to men because of the gender pay gap, fell on 20 November this year.

Derby council spends millions fighting equal pay disputes

Derby City Council has spent more than £1.5m fighting equal pay disputes with employees, according to a freedom of information request lodged by employment union Unison.