HRMI 2022: Sally Hopper, director of HR, Hertfordshire County Council

Sally Hopper is the director of HR at Hertfordshire County Council with a workforce of over 8,000 staff.

Hopper’s priorities at HCC focus on four key areas: improving the health and wellbeing of the council’s people; protecting and improving the environment; supporting sustainable and responsible growth of the county; and providing excellent services that are accessible for all.  

She has contributed to practice through research, lectures, webinars, and events on subjects ranging from organisational change, motivation, ethics, financial wellbeing, to responsible business.  

Hopper has mentored and coached many coming into and up through the profession, always keen to invest in the next generation of HR practitioners.  

A firm advocate of apprenticeships, under Hopper’s guidance the HCC has over 300 apprentices, one of which won the 2022 PPMA apprentice of the year award.  

She is a trustee of the London Playing Fields Foundation, recognising the benefits green spaces bring to wellbeing and sense of belonging. She is keen to inspire all who know, work and support her, in her ongoing quest to make the world of work better for everyone. 


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Sally Hopper ranked 28th on the list of HR Most Influential practitioners in 2022. 

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