HRMI 2022: Cheryl Samuels, deputy director of workforce transformation, NHS England

Cheryl Samuels was appointed deputy director of workforce transformation for the London Region at NHS England in 2020, overseeing the key priorities for delivery of the transformation roadmap for London, including the establishment of integrated care systems.

Samuels has played a leading role in addressing key workforce challenges, embedding culture change and inclusivity at the heart of her approach. 

Prior to her current role, she was the national health and wellbeing lead at NHS England, with responsibility for the psychological wellbeing of 1.3 million staff across the NHS during Covid-19.  

In 2019 she won the National Healthcare People Management Award (HPMA) for Deputy Director of the Year.  

Samuels writes articles and speaks at events on issues such as workforce, inequalities, sponsorship, social justice, policies, health and wellbeing. 

She also co-founded the #InclusiveHR social movement for change, which focuses on acknowledging the racial disparities within HR and OD, with the intention of creating a more inclusive and anti-racist profession that benefits everyone. 

Before joining NHS England, Samuels held several deputy director of HR roles across the NHS. She has also worked in employment related roles in the British Medical Association, Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) and the Defence Housing Executive. 


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Cheryl Samuels ranked 34th on the list of HR Most Influential practitioners in 2022. 

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