HRMI 2022: Michelle Clark, executive director of diversity and talent, The Children’s Society

In April 2020, Clark made a leap in sectors, moving from rail to charity - and commenced her role as the executive director for diversity and talent at The Children’s Society (TCS).

Leading all things people – meaning both employees and volunteers at TCS – Clark aims to bring a different energy to her work, positively disrupting the system of HR and creating a human-centred, people experience focused approach.   

For Clark, when you recognise and celebrate difference, understand that not one size fits all, and continue to make incremental small steps, you create wholesale change that sticks and generates the right conditions for people to feel included and happy at work.   

Prior to The Children’s Society, Clark had a broad and extensive career in rail, where she learned the HR trade.  

Clark is determined to change HR practice and demonstrate that when you bring a human-centred, system-change approach to all things people, positive change happens and both individuals and organisations thrive.  

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Michelle Clark ranked 24th on the list of HR Most Influential practitioners in 2022. 

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