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Government should scrap apprenticeship bonus to increase uptake

As it’s National Apprenticeship Week I think it’s the perfect time to suggest that the government makes some fundamental changes to what’s on offer.

Single working parents unable to escape debt

Single parents are unable to work their way out of debt despite working full time, a new report by charities Gingerbread and StepChange has discovered.

Shift to real living wage would improve employee loyalty

Workers’ personal lives have suffered due to pandemic-related pay cuts and a commitment to a real living wage could help retain staff and productivity levels in the still-turbulent months ahead.

Diversity action in the UK faces regional divide following Black Lives Matter

There's a national divide when it comes to the importance of diversity in the workplace in response to the Black Lives Matter protests that took place in 2020.

‘Iceberg’ of discontent over flexible working expected post-pandemic

Employers have been warned not to take away flexible working after restrictions are lifted post-coronavirus.

HR magazine names 2020 HR director of the year

Kelly Williams joined waterflow control solutions provider? Talis UK as HR manager in 2010 and was promoted to HR director in 2014. By 2018 she had been promoted to group HR director and became the...

HR's leadership lessons to take into 2021: part two

2020 provided some steep learning curves for HR. The national lockdowns meant that the world of work was thrown into full remote working and HR teams had to react fast to support their teams.

Change to maternity law in government could open doors for working mothers

New changes brought in by government will mean cabinet ministers will soon be able to take six months maternity leave on full pay.

Social activism could turn the workplace into a ‘wokeplace’

The events of 2020 lead to important social activism, such as the Black Lives Matter movement and the campaign to end child food poverty, both of which prominent businesses took part in.

Spotting domestic abuse has become a bigger problem for HR

Remote working and the coronavirus pandemic has made it harder for employers to spot the signs of domestic abuse.

Number of black FTSE 100 leaders drops to zero due to "vanilla boys' club" of senior leaders

The number of black people at the top of Britain's biggest companies has fallen to zero, as new research has found that there are fewer black people at the top of FTSE 100 firms than ever before.

HR must implement better mental health policies

Employees think there will be a greater focus on workplace mental health after COVID-19, yer HR will have to work hard to ensure it happens.