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Register for our financial wellbeing webinar

Join us for our webinar, in partnership with Neyber, this Wednesday 31 October

A 2017 study by Neyber found that almost half (48%) of all employees are having to borrow regularly to meet their basic financial needs, and a quarter have an income that fluctuates by at least 10% each month. Uncertainty over personal finances has a knock-on effect on employees’ mental health and productivity. CIPD research found that 19% of workers have lost sleep over money worries, and 10% have found it hard to concentrate at work or make decisions.

This webinar will explore how HR can help employees take control of their financial health, covering:

  • How employers can identify those struggling
  • Striking the balance between offering support without intruding upon employees’ personal lives
  • How financial education should be delivered
  • The kinds of support suitable for different demographics
  • The sorts of benefits, such as affordable employer-approved loans or rent deposit loans.

Register for our webinar on 31 October at 12.30pm to gain insight into this ever-more topical and critical area of HR.