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Don't miss our webinar with Sage People on Wednesday 26 June at 12.30pm

How sophisticated is your HR team in terms of automating process and introducing new capabilities such as machine learning, blockchain, VR and AR? In our last webinar on automation with Sage People, 46% of viewers felt that their HR function wasn’t sophisticated at all – in fact, only 2% said they were very sophisticated.

With McKinsey estimating that 60% of all occupations have 30% of activities that could be automated, this webinar will explore areas where HR can use automation to raise their game. We’ll look at the practicalities of this, including making the business case to key stakeholders (such as the FD and CTO), and reskilling HR teams to work with new systems. We’ll also explore where automation can contribute to strategic areas of HR such as data analytics, employee voice and engagement, and talent management.

Register for the webinar, taking place on Wednesday 26 June at 12.30pm, here