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Don't miss our webinar with O. C. Tanner on Thursday 7 February at 12.30pm

The last webinar in our series on culture with O. C. Tanner explored how HR can turn around toxic cultures – including those that allow sexual harassment, or perhaps data misuse or other kinds of unethical decision-making, to go unchecked.

In this webinar on 'Culture eats strategy for breakfast… Achieving competitive edge through culture' we’ll be exploring how to create a culture that not only wards against highly negative – perhaps reputation- or even organisation-ruining – outcomes, but is a strongly positive force for good. We’ll discuss how to create a culture so distinct and compelling that it gives your organisation the edge in: attracting and retaining talent, inspiring and motivating employees, and ultimately in enhancing the organisation’s performance and bottom line.

Our panel will be:

Gary Beckstrand, vice president at O.C. Tanner Institute

Peter Reeve, head of HR at Motor Neurone Disease Association

Claire Gore, director of HR and OD at London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust

Register for the webinar, taking place on Thursday 7 February at 12.30pm, here